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Floor Support

What is a floor support system?

A floor support system is a structural system used to reinforce and stabilize your home's crawl space or basement. It is installed beneath the house, to provide additional support to sagging or weakened floor joists and beams.

Placing these steel supports throughout the crawl space or basement helps distribute the weight of the structure more evenly and prevents settling and sagging of the floors above.


How do you know if your home needs floor support?

There are a few signs that tell you if your home needs additional support:

  • Uneven Floors

  • Sagging Floors

  • Doors or Windows that Stick

  • Cracks in Walls

How Aqua-Guard can help?

If you want to stop wondering how much longer your floor will be able to support the weight of everything on it, then give us a call today for a free walk through.


We use steel support systems to permanently stabilize and level the girders and floor joists in your crawl space or basement. They correct problems like sloping and overly springy floors, interior wall cracks, and out-of-level door frames. 


If your floor support system is sinking or sagging, we are here to help. We eliminate your sagging and uneven floors at the source, giving you a durable solution that restores your home's stability.


It costs you nothing to meet with one of our specialists for a professional inspection and written cost quote! To schedule a foundation repair quote, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

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