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Over 60% of basements have a moisture problem happening right now. Of those, about 38% will develop mold and fungus growth. When it comes to protecting your basement and crawlspace from further water damage, you need to work with a waterproofing expert like Aqua-Guard that takes a personal approach and provides complete water problem solutions. 

Why choose Aqua-Guard Waterproofing instead of one of the other guys? There are many reasons, but here are the top 4 reasons we think you’ll be most interested in.

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Complete Waterproofing System
Our signature waterproofing system addresses and solves all 5 areas where water can enter your basement and/or crawl space. Oftentimes one area of water leakage is addressed, but that can leave another unresolved. Your water problems will continue to occur and in many instances get much worse until all of the issues and areas are properly addressed. We take all factors into account and make sure your water problems are solved efficiently and permanently with our complete basement and crawlspace waterproofing systems.

Affordable Waterproofing System
Our complete waterproofing system costs 30-50% less than other top exterior waterproofing companies charge without compromising quality and performance. You can rest assured knowing that your water problems will be solved without breaking the bank. Not only will you have your water issues solved with great customer service, but you’ll also receive quality work at a great price. 

High-Quality Waterproofing System
Aqua-Guard Waterproofing’s unsurpassed track record in the State of Alabama
 is the result of our superior craftsmanship and product. Our unique complete waterproofing system is designed to provide homeowners with a permanent water problem solution to wet basements and crawl spaces. No more sleepless nights during rain storms worrying about your basement or crawl space flooding! We guarantee our work for the Life of the Structure- that’s how confident we are in our waterproofing solutions.  

Aqua-Guard is Customer-Focused
We know how stressful water problems can be, so we make the process as simple as possible for you. Your dedicated salesperson will be involved throughout the entire process, from consultation to completion. This ensures that you will receive a stress-free installation and a single point of contact. We are waterproofing experts with a personal touch!

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