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Complete Basement Waterproofing

Aqua-Guard’s complete basement waterproofing system is the ultimate solution for wet and leaking basements.

The original waterproofing system installed around your home’s foundation will almost always fail somewhere down the line. This will allow groundwater to put hydrostatic pressure on the walls and floor of your foundation. Once this occurs, water will seep through cracks and eventually leak into your basement. When the scenario we just described becomes a reality for you as a homeowner, a pleasant rainstorm will no longer be your friend. It will only be a matter of time before you’ll have to get out the towels, mop, and shop vac to start bailing water out of your basement.​


Your basement leakage problem will continue to occur (and in many instances will get much worse) until it is appropriately addressed. You must implement a solution that permanently addresses all five areas where water can penetrate your foundation.


Aqua-Guard’s complete basement waterproofing system is specifically designed to permanently seal the five areas where water can enter your foundation and subsequently your basement.

5 Areas Water Can Penetrate Your Basement

  1. Foundation cracks and mortar joints

  2. Porous concrete walls

  3. Over the footer

  4. Under the footer

  5. Floor cracks

Traditional basement waterproofing methods offered by other companies are often temporary. They tend to fall short of addressing the five areas where water can penetrate your basement. If this is the case, you can expect water problems and basement leaks again and again.


Aqua-Guard’s signature complete basement waterproofing system removes all of the risk factors that have been the downfall of other exterior waterproofing systems over time. As a result, our basement waterproofing system has never had a system failure or breach of warranty. That’s a track record that we will continue.


Contact us todafor a free complete basement waterproofing system estimate!

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