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Complete Crawl Space Encapsulation System


Once Aqua-Guard’s complete crawl space waterproofing system is in place, the next step is encapsulation.

The encapsulation process completely seals off the crawlspace to all outside elements and brings the relative humidity level down.

The Problem with Ventilation in Crawl Spaces

For years, the perceived solution for a damp crawl space was to vent it with outside air. We now know that venting to the outside can actually make the problem worse, especially during humid summers in areas like the Southeastern United States. When warm, humid air enters a cool crawlspace, the humidity turns into condensation and creates an extremely damp environment.


Did you know that 40% or more of the air you breathe in your home originated in your crawlspace? Aqua-Guard’s encapsulation system is a vital step in creating a healthy home.

5 Encapsulation Benefits

  1. Improves air quality.

  2. Seals out insects and pests.

  3. Reduces mold, mildew, and fungi growth.

  4. Eliminates musty crawl space odors.

  5. Increases your home's energy efficiency.


Aqua-Guard’s Encapsulation System

In addition to closing off all outside vents and weatherizing the crawl space access door, Aqua-Guard Waterproofing’s encapsulation system uses a high-strength floor and wall liner called “Flex Seal” to completely close off the crawlspace. This ensures that outside air is not able to enter the crawlspace.


Aqua-Guard Waterproofing’s Life of the Structure Warranty


A warranty is a display of confidence in the work completed for a customer or client. Aqua-Guard offers one of the industry’s strongest warranties. Our “Life of the Structure” warranty transfers easily from owner to owner and stays with the property.

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