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Complete Crawl Space
Waterproofing System


Aqua-Guard’s complete waterproofing system is the ultimate solution for wet crawl spaces.

We know crawl space waterproofing is probably not something you think about day-to-day as a homeowner. When water invades, though, there can be major consequences!

One of the main benefits of crawl spaces over basements or slab foundations is having access to your home’s wiring, ductwork, and pipes. If there is an issue with your plumbing, HVAC, or electrical system, crawlspaces allow easier access with no need for intense excavation to find the problem. Unfortunately, having those elements exposed means any moisture in the crawlspace could cause huge problems. Whether it slowly seeps in from outside or is a direct result of a leaking pipe, water in your crawl space can have devastating effects and cause major damage.

Moisture in your crawl space can also lead to high humidity. When the humid air is forced upward in a process known as the stack effect, it can creep into your living space and ultimately your lungs. It can also put a strain on your HVAC system and welcome mold, pests, and pollen.

6 Negative Consequences of Crawl Space Condensation

  1. Standing water in your crawlspace raises the relative humidity to a level at which mold, mildew, and fungi grow and thrive.

  2. Wet crawl spaces create the perfect breeding ground for termites, dust mites, insects, and other pests.

  3. Muddy soil caused by crawl space condensation weakens the footings under your home, causing uneven floors and potential long-term structural damage.

  4. Water vapors that rise from a wet crawl space are absorbed by the subfloor, causing it to eventually rot. This also causes cupping in hardwood floors.

  5. Moisture under your home contributes to the corrosion and rusting of expensive utility systems located in the crawlspace.

  6. Crawl Space condensation often leads to musty odors in and around your home.

Aqua-Guard’s Complete Crawl Space Waterproofing System

Many homebuilders focus on foundations alone with their exterior waterproofing systems. Unfortunately, these are usually temporary solutions that rarely have any long-term effect on keeping water and moisture from entering crawl spaces.

Here at Aqua-Guard Waterproofing, we have developed a unique crawlspace waterproofing system based on the laws of physics. It is uniquely designed to intercept rising groundwater before it ever reaches the crawlspace. Our signature waterproofing system permanently addresses all the areas water can penetrate your crawlspace.


Aqua-Guard Waterproofing’s Life of the Structure Warranty


A warranty is a display of confidence in the work completed for a customer or client. With Aqua-Guard’s complete waterproofing system, we offer one of the industry’s strongest warranties. Our “Life of the Structure” warranty transfers easily from owner to owner and stays with the property.

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